A truly independent telecoms consultancy

As a flexible consultancy, IP Advance will work with you in the way that best suits your requirements. All businesses have different needs and operate in different ways so our flexible approach means we can plug into your business in the way that works best for you.

IP Advance recognise that your telephony requirements are truly unique to your organisation and that you want services that specifically meet the needs of your business. From experience we know that each telecoms provider only has a certain set of products and services which means they will often try and make your requirements fit their solutions, which is why working with a truly independent organisation is a major advantage.

We offer a mix of solutions including:

We provide consultancy, procurement and management on a wide range of telecoms related products and services including:

  • Voice services – Traditional Fixed Line | VoIP | Mobile Phones | Conferencing | Intelligent Inbound
  • Data Services – Internet Access | Data Links | Data Networks and Wide Area Networks Mobile Data
  • Integrated Voice and Data Solutions – On premises solutions | Off Site | Cloud based solutions

If you want to find out more about IP Advance can help your business please call on 01257 429 239 or email andy.poar@ipadvance.co.uk

This means there is a risk you can be left with something that is not a perfect fit, and this is where IP Advance comes in – by using our expertise we will ensure you get the right solutions from the right providers at the right price.